Moving Checklist to Help Select Your Mover

We know moving can be an overwhelming experience. Let A One Van Lines guide you step-by-step through a move with our series of Moving Checklists. Print our lists at home to track your moving progress.

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Estimate the Move

  • What’s included in my quote?
  • Is the price guaranteed?
  • How do you generate an estimate?
  • How do you identify the weight of a shipment?
  • Is there an extra cost to pack specialty items?
  • Any extra charge because of where I live?
  • What is the delivery spread? How do you guarantee pickup/delivery?

Pick Up delivery Delay

  • Cancellation policy?
  • Valuation protection?
  • Payment options and expectations?

Verify Identity

  • How Long have you been in business?
  • What’s your physical address & phone number?
  • Are you insured & licensed to transport goods?
  • Motor carrier number?
  • Are you ProMover at the American Moving and Storage Association?
  • What is your BBB rating?

Moving Process

  • What items do I have to take with me?
  • Will i be in contact with the driver?
  • Do i need to be present during the packing?
  • How do you take inventory of all my items?
  • Should i do anything in advance of the packing days?
  • Who’s my main contact for my move?

  • What happens if something should break or get damaged in the move?
  • What is your claim process like?
  • Can my claim be denied?