Moving Checklist For Children

We know moving can be an overwhelming experience. Let A One Van Lines guide you step-by-step through a move with our series of Moving Checklists. Print our lists at home to track your moving progress.

Pre Move

  • School
    • Collect school records
    • Name of new school
    • Research new daycares (visit prior to move if possible)
  • Medical
    • Collect school records
    • Stock up on prescriptions
    • Collect medical records
      • Medical
      • Dental
      • Vision
  • Social/Activities
    • Goodbye party for kids (take pictures for an album)
    • Visit favorite places (take pictures for an album)
    • Research new city for kids activities
  • Packing
    • Go through toys: keep/donate
    • Pack small travel bag
    • Identify priority items to be unpacked first
    • Return books, videos

Post Move

  • School
    • Register & visit new school
  • Medical
    • Visit new potential Pediatricians (before they get sick!)
  • Social/Activities
    • Research local sports/activities
    • Visit local parks & library to meet new friends
    • Sign-up for local mom groups (including on social media)